Southern CC, Inc. recognizes the importance of honoring the memory of our Fallen Heroes. These are the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting the interests of the United States domestically and abroad. These heroes …whether on the battlefield or in the community…lived lives which set a shining example of service and commitment and serve as an inspiration to all. This, of course, includes members of all branches of the military, as their sacrifice is what protects our borders and way of life. It also includes first responders such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and others who help maintain safe and peaceful communities.

To honor our Fallen Heroes, Southern CC, Inc. has created a number of initiatives which celebrate the memory of those who have helped advance our work, represent a substantial impact to our military or first responders, or whose life or actions represent our core values. Our efforts to honor these Fallen Heroes begins with telling their stories and sharing them through our website, social media, and other marketing efforts. It also includes developing programs and services which reflect their respective passions and interest to help our veterans and first responders live healthy and happy lives post-service. Finally, it will also include fundraisers which will raise revenue to fund our work and help us actualize our mission and vision.

Please take few moments to recognize our Fallen Heroes

First Responders

Armed Forces