Our cooking classes provide an opportunity for veterans to prepare mouth-watering meals using fresh produce. These classes give veterans a chance to engage and participate in a community of cooking enthusiasts by sharing meals and showcasing their cooking skills.These classes help build creativity as well as lead to improved fine motor skills. For example, cooking “beyond the recipe” requires creative use of ingredients to create the best-tasting meals. In addition to requiring strong balance, cooking also demands movement in fingers, shoulders, elbow, neck, and wrists. Subsequently, cooking not only develops cognitive abilities but also leads to a long-term sense of gratification.


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Chef: Elsa Knobloch, Event: Cooking Class, Location: Let Me Cater To You | 5446 Reilly Rd, Pope Field, NC 28308
Date: Saturday, August 25th, 2018, Time: 10AM – 12pm, Website: letmecatertoyou.net, Facebook: facebook.com/LetMeCaterToYou