Providing Veterans & The Community with Programs, Support, and Guidance

Southern CC, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the brave and resilient men and women who have served the country. By creating various opportunities for veterans, and their families, we aim to deliver healthy and dignified living for those who deserve it the most.

Our Story

Southern CC was established in 2016 by three veterans, Tony Brown, Carla White, and Devonta Birden. The birth of Southern CC was the brainchild of Tony Brown, who decided to start a non-profit for veterans while receiving occupational therapy at the Womack Army Medical Center. Tony was sent there shortly after his deployment from Afghanistan in August of 2015.

While recovering from his injuries, Tony met with countless veterans struggling with serious physical and mental distress. One of whom was Carla White. Carla and Tony instantly bonded over their mutual goal to help veterans in any way they could. The idea of starting a non-profit organization appealed to her instantly. Not long after, the duo met Devonta Birden, who quickly became the third founding member of Southern CC.

What We Do

Today, Tony serves as Southern CC’s CEO, and Carla works as a volunteer, lending her vast expertise in assisting veterans and aiding them with the rehabilitation process. Devonta supports our organization’s housing program by serving as the project manager, where he draws from countless years of experience in carpentry and agriculture.

We Provide...

Homes For Veterans

Community Revitalization

Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Volunteer Programs

Online Education Opportunities


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