More than 6,000 veterans are dying each year due to suicide. The rate of suicide in veterans is higher than non-veterans and this rate is increasing with time. 

This alarming suicide rate among veterans is something that can be prevented through awareness, empathy, and empowerment. If you are a veteran or a service member going through a mental health crisis and experiencing loneliness, then get help immediately. You are not alone in this.

How Family Members and Friends can Witness the Signs of Suicide?

It is not necessary that the person around you will show the signs of harming himself before doing so. The tough mentality of veterans usually prevents them from sharing their mental health issues and concerns with their friends and family. But being a responsible caregiver or a family member, you can witness these below-mentioned signs of depression, anxiety, despair, or other such mental health issues:

  • Sleeping too much or staying awake most of the time
  • Losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable
  • Isolating from friends and family
  • Expressing excessive guilt and shame 
  • Getting anxious or angry about trivial matters 
  • Increased substance abuse 
  • Showing no interest in life

Paying close attention to these signs can save someone from committing suicide. None of the above-mentioned signs should be overlooked and necessary action must be taken if such signs are prominent.

Inspiring Veterans with Self-Help

There is always someone around you who is dealing with such mental health issues with strength. We encourage family members and friends of veterans and service members to develop an empathetic demeanor and help them in dealing with day-to-day mental health battles. Your words of encouragement and affection can create a positive impact on their life. 

Ask them about the problems they are facing and listen to them carefully. Extending your support without passing any judgement will surely make them more comfortable in sharing their hidden problems with you more often. Self-help is a very powerful resource to develop confidence and the urge to live again.

How to Take Care of Yourself

Recovery from mental health issues demands you to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. You can join support groups to interact with other veterans facing the same issues. Never hesitate to call suicide prevention helplines if you want to get help. Your life matters a lot and accepting mental health problems with strength is the first step towards recovery.

Don’t Lose Hope! We’re Here to Help.

Veteran suicide is preventable. Our veterans are honorable and a symbol of proud for us. We have to take up the responsibility of generating awareness among veterans, service members, and their families that there is help available for mental health issues.
Southern CC, Inc aspires to play its role in preventing such a valuable asset of our nation by promoting legislations for the prevention of suicide in veterans and service members. We are always ready to help the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in collaboration with health care workers and legal professionals to remove the social, economic, and other such obstacles that are adversely affecting the mental health of veterans and service members.