Recovery Solutions Assistance

Southern CC, Inc. provides natural and holistic methods for veterans suffering from PTSD, opioid addictions and other issues. We understand that many veterans often demonstrate self-destructive, addictive, and aggressive behavior related to devastating experiences and exposure to physical abuse and debilitating losses on battlefield. This leads to emotional distress, depression, and other psychological issues which often contribute to suicide.

Our Recovery Solutions Assistance program helps create an environment that is psychologically and physically safe for veterans with PTSD and other issues. With the help of communities and volunteers, we offer various activities and services for our veterans to enjoy, rebuild, and rediscover themselves. All Recovery Solutions Assistance program activities reflect the following principles:

  • Offering short-term supportive services and assistance which lead to long-term independence.
  • Developing social connections
  • Restoring a sense of meaning, hope, and purpose.
  • Creating a sound environment to build relationships.
  • Facilitating relationships in which veterans are able to discuss their needs with those who truly understand what they are going through.
  • Providing veterans with optimum care and treatment.
  • Creating a secure environment to facilitate pursuit of higher goals.

Examples of our Recovery Assistance Program Activities

Our Recovery Solutions Assistance Program features a wide range of activities (therapeutic and otherwise) which provide veterans with experiences they can never forget.  These activities not only provide practical skills, but they also connect veterans to their creative and artistic abilities – all of which can be leveraged to facilitate personal growth. We currently offer cooking classes, creative writing, fine arts, and acting opportunities. An overview of each follows.