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What Is the Homes of The Fallen Program?

Homelessness is one of the biggest challenges that our veterans face. Roughly 11% of all individuals experiencing homelessness are veterans. The Homes of The Fallen program aims at these men and women, giving them an option to live housed in a home they helped build. Each home in our program is named after a fallen soldier. Built from the foundation up by Southern CC, we focus on creating a space where veterans can feel safe, housed, and empowered through this program. Not only do we house the houseless, but we also create a 5-year plan for the veterans who live in our homes, ensuring that they do not have to continue to experience homelessness in the future.

Who The Program Is For

The Homes of The Fallen program is uniquely designed for veterans, but it touches the lives of many others in the community.

For example, the veterans who get a chance to live in the homes we build must have some part of our programs. That can include but is not limited to, mentoring, volunteering in our community activities, or simply participating in our programs. We want our veterans to feel like they are a part of the process, not just simply being given a place to stay.

Beyond our veterans, this program also helps our community. When our veterans are off the streets, there is a sense of pride for the community, and all involved in creating those homes. It adds a distinct element of satisfaction and a reason to reinvest in the neighborhoods and environment we all share.

To put it simply, our program is for both veterans, the civilians they served, and our community. When veterans are honored and given a source of pride, we can all feel better about the world we live in.

Youth Help

Another element of our Homes of The Fallen program is how it helps the youth. Veterans and youth can help build the homes we offer through our program, shoulder to shoulder. That connection that is fostered through the program is a bond that cannot be replaced or repeated. In turn, the youth in our community learn how to not tear down the buildings in their community. This ‘sweat equity’ provides a sense of pride for the young people who live and are educated in our neighborhoods. By building these homes, we not only give to veterans but also to the young people who need support.

About Our Funding & Building Process

Southern CC goes through various military programs and VA grants to secure some of the funding to build two-bedroom homes for our veterans. Once they apply and are approved to occupy homes built through our program, veterans are also allowed to rent out the property to secure access funding. This does more than simply give them a home to stay in, it teaches them how to change their mindset and make lasting changes that can help them create a better life.

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