Southern CC Inc., is dedicated to bringing awareness to modern-day problems like human trafficking, suicide, substance abuse, and homelessness. Through our Awareness Films program, we make good on our mission to shed light on these atrocities, and we do it all while helping our community and the veterans who’ve served.

How The Films Are Made

Our films are made by veterans for the community. We believe in giving veterans an opportunity to learn new skills to boost their job prospects once returning to civilian life.

Veterans suffering from PTSD who struggle to readjust to ‘normal’ life can work behind the scenes, at their own pace, and in a creative environment without the pressure of secular employment.

We also provide opportunities for veterans to work with their hands in manual labor positions if the arts simply aren’t their greatest interest.

What Our Films Are Like

The topics we choose to bring awareness to are not chosen by mistake. Each film sheds light on issues that our country is battling every single day. We see it as an opportunity to continue the mission we took with us overseas and bring it back home. That mission is to keep our communities safe and fight enemies both foreign and domestic.

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How You Can Get Involved

We warmly welcome both youth, soldiers, and veterans to take part in creating our films. Whether our participants are looking to appear in front of the camera or behind it, there is a place for any and every volunteer in our film programs.

Our team is run by experts in film and the arts, enabling participants an opportunity to learn from real professionals. We teach everything from how to edit a film, how to shoot, and how to create narratives that make a difference in our world.

Understanding that our veterans may not need to get out more, but instead need support in dealing with the many overwhelming adjustments they face while building practical job skills, we offer a supportive environment for all.

No matter if our participants have any interest in learning the ins and outs of film or not, we aim to help with employment any way we can

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